Stillington VX Club

Stillington VX Club is a new VX club that focuses on the smaller version of the sport - singles (V2) and doubles (V4).


We were very proud to be selected as a training base for some international players competing in the V2 World Cups.



We usually train once a fortnight on Saturday mornings

Other Information


First session free

Normal session fees £2.00








Stillington VX Club was opened officially in September 2014 by England VX Captain, Tom Hildreth, who was the V2 World Champion in 2012 and 2013. He was also an Olympic Torchbearer in 2012.



Christmas 2017


Stillington VX Club made history just after Christmas when it hosted the first Tri-Services VX Championship. The Army was represented by Cpl Josh Darragh, the Royal Navy by Lt Dan Raper and the Royal Air Force by SAC Philippa Fowles.


Dan was the first V2 Youth Champion and both he and Pippa are experienced England internationals. The matches were all close but Dan took the title with Pippa taking second and Josh third place.















Summer 2017


This year the World Cup was held in Albavilla, Italy where Stillington had players competing in the Youth and Masters categories. Matthew Leyshon retained his title for the third year in a row in the Youth category, while Paul Hildreth retained his as the Masters champion for the fourth consecutive year. Karen Bruin came third in the Masters.














I've got my new magnetic signs to promote the club for my car now!

Karen receiving a cheque from the Chair of Easingwold Lions. June 2016.

365 2018


Stillington hosted the now annual 365 event. It was a spectacular tournament with Carl Alsop beating the reigning champion in the very first match. However, Tom Hildreth was on form and won all his games, including the final. Congratulations to Tom.

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